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I'm Wolf! I'm a furry and an artist and a mix of emo, punk, and scene. 2001 kid. My favorite colors are black and magenta and my favorite animal (believe it or not /s) is a wolf! I'm also a homosexual (man). So he/him mostly.

My fursonas:

My favorite band is My Chemical Romance! Some other bands/artists I like are Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco (esp. the older stuff), Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, Bears in Trees, Dog Park Dissidents, Pansy Division, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Against Me!, Athens Boys Choir, They're / Their / There, McCafferty, The Muslims, Pure Hell, Lemon Demon, Mind-Body Problem, Gay Panic, Pleasure Venom, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Hotelier, Destroy Boys, Tally Hall, The Spook School, Worriers, Will Wood, Hey, ily!, catpuke, Upchuck, The Happy Yew, Moon Walker, Lovejoy, Queen, I Don't Know How But They Foud Me, Penelope Scott, The Hooziers, The Oozes, The Killers. And also all of The Marvin Trilogy by William Finn. (still in the process of paring down this list to bands I listen to more than 3 of their songs but it's way shorter than it used to be)

I do most of my art digitally nowadays, using Paint Tool SAI! I also occasionally do pixel art and work in MS paint. As is probably obvious, I love bright colors! So sparkledogs are often my subject of choice. I love to build worlds and stories for my characters (who I have way too many of). Unfortunately none are finished or published or readable at the moment, except for snippets on their Toyhouse pages. There are a few I want to make into comics though!

FCW5ad/C[coyzoi]3ad/C[sparkledog]3ad/CW3ad/C[border collie]3ad A+$ C D++~ H--- P+++ R- T? W- Z- S# RLMH~/A a c++ e f+++~ h++/* iwf+ j p-~ s#

Check me out other places too like my tumblr, my art tumblr, my Toyhou.se, my Scratch, my FurAffinity, my ArtFight, my YouTube, or my carrd!

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Blinkies stamps, and buttons from https://y2k.neocities.org/, https://blinkies.cafe/, https://cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/index.html, https://plasticdino.neocities.org, https://shishka.neocities.org, https://thatonefish.neocities.org, https://web.badges.world/#, https://vermillion.drr.ac, tumblr, also some by yours truly! The first ones with the break in between the rest are mine ^_^